QRs-R-US is a subscription based service which provides your restaurant with a unique QR CODE enabling your customers to access your online menu with their smartphone devices. QR (Quick Response) menu access is cutting edge and has become a convenient and welcomed method for your customers to interact and discover your menu offerings, and with "COVID AWARENESS", many customers prefer not to handle physical menus at all.

The QRs-R-US subscription is a great way to create your online presence without the expense of purchasing a website domain name and going through the costly and burdensome expense of hiring a webmaster to create and maintain a company website.

The QRs-R-US "Control Portal" is completely user-friendly and easy to use. QRs-R-US subscribers can optionally upload their company logo into our online portal to create a beautifully branded online menu. Menu items can be categorized any way you wish (ie. Appetizers, Salads, Main Courses, Deserts, Today's Specials, etc...). And menu changes are a snap! Menu items can be easily added, edited, deleted, and prices changes are instantly updated for your customers just by clicking "SAVE".

As you well know, price changes and other menu changes require the added expense of printing new menus. QRs-R-US offers beautifully formatted menu layouts for you to print and insert into your hard cover menu sleeves.

QRs-R-US subscribers can also order from our QRs-R-US Store QR Code stickers, QR Code coasters, and many other items including hard cover menu sleeves to insert printed menu updates for those "Old School" customers.

QRs-R-US offers several affordable programs tailored to your every need:
programdescriptionbilling frequencyamount
QR-GRUBGet a QR-Code that links SmartPhones to your GrubHub menu listingmonthly$15
QR-LINKCreate your QRs-R-US QR Code that Links to your Website's Menumonthly$15
QR-SNAPCreate your QRs-R-US by simply uploading photo updates of your current menu as changedmonthly$20
QR-SUPREMECreate your updateable custom QRs-R-US Menu with our variety of Templates
   (includes 12 QR-Coded Coasters and Stickers with your opening order)
Our QRs-R-US Client Portal grants access to menu creation and subsequent updates.
QRs-R-US guarantees complete satisfaction, and you may cancel at any time.

Basically, the QRs-R-US subscription will cost from forty cents ($0.40) a day to about one dollar and fifteen cents ($1.15) per day. That's a small price to pay for so much value!


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